LIVE PHOTOS: The Neighbourhood @ Columbia, MO


Hello Hoodlums! I’m assuming most of you got to the #CircusTour but if you didn’t, I hate to say it but you really missed out. This was my second time seeing The Neighbourhood and they never fail to impress.

The show opened up with Ghostloft, who is a DJ and a good one at that. Although the crowd didn’t really know how to respond, he was still very entertaining. Next up was LVLF and this was my first time hearing them, they seem to have the same aesthetic and vision as The Neighbourhood does. All of the bands meshed very well together.

And finally the stars of the show, The Neighbourhood. I may be a little biased, but when you see them live it’s like you’re listening to the cd. Even though the front man Jesse Rutherford was a little under the weather, he still sounded flawless. This band does an excellent job of creating an atmosphere that transfers to everyone in the room. With the way the whole band is in sync will make you wish every concert you attend was The Neighbourhood. And if that’s not enough to get you to go, Jesse really knows how to move. (By Lauren Lyford)

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