REVIEW: Bastille – Remixed EP


Artist: Bastille
Album: Remixed EP
Release Date: October 22

For those who couldn’t get enough of Bastille’s debut, Bad Blood, their remix EP will hit just the spot. In remix fashion, each track takes an interesting spin on its album version counterpart. It’s easy to recognize the artists who remixed each track, as their signature sounds are melded with Bastille’s initial electro-alternative songs.

From expected club hopping remixes to slowed down atmospheric mixes and all inbetween, Remixed surprisingly presents range. Included on this EP is a lovely Abbey Road Sessions of “Laura Palmer” as well. This softer version contrasts perfectly beside the remixes with its strong piano lead and closes the EP nicely.

Remixed is an enjoyable EP that is a fun and light listen. Whether you’re a fan of Bastille or the artists who remixed their tracks, Remixed is an EP that’s worth checking out. (By Jennie Tan)

The track listing is as follows:
1. Bad Blood – Melé remix
2. Overjoyed – Distance remix
3. Pompeii – Kat Krazy remix
4. Laura Palmer – RAC remix
5. Things We Lost In the Fire – beGun remix
6. Flaws – Russ Chimes remix
7. Bad Blood – F*U*G*Z remix
8. Overjoyed – Yeasayer remix
9. Pompeii – Tyde remix
10. Laura Palmer – Abbey Road Sessions

Listen to RAC’s mix of “Laura Palmer” here:

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