REVIEW: Mayday Parade – Monsters in the Closet


Artist: Mayday Parade
Album: Monsters In The Closet
Release Date: Oct 8
Rating: 4.5/5

In their fourth studio album, Monsters In The Closet, Mayday Parade stepped up and brought their A-game in order to churn out twelve great new songs, which may be some of their finest work to date.

The album starts off on a good note with vocalist Derek Sanders leading the rest of the band in a chorus in “Ghosts”, which sounds a little like “Oh Well, Oh Well” or “Stay”, both off of the band’s self-titled album. The song features some rocking guitar riffs and solid drums as well as a pleasant string arrangement that adds depth to the song.

“The Torment of Existence Weighed Against the Horror of Nonbeing” showcases the band members’ myriad of talents. Sanders’ powerful yet vulnerable vocals juxtaposed against guitarists Brooks Betts’ and Alex Garcia’s stripped down acoustic guitars and pumped up electric guitar riffs create an intriguing sound coupled with remarkable lyrics on one of the best tracks on the record.

Another song to listen to is “Hold Onto Me”, a personal favorite which features a certain southern vibe somewhat reminiscent of guitarist Brooks Betts’ and bassist Jeremy Lenzo’s side project, Truth or Consequence. The track is a stripped down, acoustic number featuring a bluesy guitar sound from Garcia and an organ that adds somewhat ominous undertones. Sanders delivers powerful vocals throughout the song, building up to a return back to the band’s characteristic alternative rock style toward the end.

The album comes to a close with “Angels”. The song draws attention to intricate melodic guitar playing and stands out with not only strong vocals from Sanders, but some of the best singing we’ve ever heard from drummer Jake Bundrick, not to mention how his drumwork pulls the song together into an anthem for the kids the alternative pop-punk outfit stands for. The song ends the album with an orchestra and a drum roll, the perfect resolution to a masterpiece.

Mayday Parade have created some of their best songs to date in Monsters In The Closet by writing music that is fresh and exciting while sticking true to their roots in heavy guitar solos, thoughtful ballads, and their characteristically emotional lyrics. As the band rides the wave of this record, each song is bound to rock the sound systems on their upcoming Glamour Kills Tour and to elicit energy and enthusiasm from the crowds at every show they play thereafter. (By Paula Mirando)

Listen to “Ghosts” below:

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