Gus + Scout grew up together in the same street in Hailey, Idaho; raised by the co-founder of Rolling Stone Magazine and a famous actor Bruce Willis. The love birds lost touch until one day they ran to each other at Brown University — like its faith. Scout said that the day she sat on the steps of Gus’s dorm, it was the day she figured out that she was good enough to be what she wanted to be. She continues telling how magical it feels when they performs and writes music together even thought she didn’t realized her passion until she wrote their first song together that she really wants music to be her career choice. Gus and Scout started their band on 2011 and have been playing from small until large venues eversince. Together in music and together in love, Gus + Scout are sure to rock the music scene with their old school vibes.

When I sat down with them, they let me into a little bit of their tour life and how it feels like to play a popular music festival in Seattle. Check out the interview below and read the article here.

You guys have an old school feels to your music, who and what inspired you guys?
Gus: The inspiration was a song we first played together and country music in general.
Scout: Old school country inspired rock and roll. We’re both really big fans of Patsy Cline; which is a big influence of mine in terms of vocal styles and the power and style of it. When we were at SXSW we saw Sharon Jones and it was unbelievably inspiring for us.

Who made you guys want to start singing?
Gus: It was probably Bob Dylan. I always thought I couldn’t sing. It was nice to idolize someone whos music didnt focus on having such an amazing voice. He has one of the most amazing voices though.
Scout: Patsy Cline is the reason I started singing in the first place. Strong country female vocalists that didnt take any shit.


Do you have any hometown heros you enjoyed growing up?
Gus: The Strokes. They went to Dwight which is right where I went to high school. This band called Vietnam; they were big in New York but they never broke through.
Scout: Growing up in Sun Valley there werenever any band. Growing up in Idaho just a lot of country music.

Were there any certain moment where you decided that music was what you wanted to do with the rest of your life?
Scout: It wasnt until I started playing with Gus that I took the idea of being a muscian seriously or that I could do it. I was walking to the library once during finals period and Gus was sitting on his dorm steps writing a song and he asked me to come help him. We sat there for 30 minutes and wrote our first song together called “Guilty Man.” There was something organic and beautiful about the way we wrote music together  and that it was something we both realized that we needed to pursue.
Gus: I think that moment and around that time that it made it really clear that Scout and I could have something special as far as connecting together as song writers. I don’t think until we played at the Berkley School of Music in Boston that I thought that it was something we could really do as a profession. It was also the first show that I stopped caring about what people are going to think and just focused on the music and the performance itself.
Scout: We started playing for us. We hadn’t played that much before and that show we basically just said “fuck it”, It could be nobody in the audience or a packed room, we just wanted to play for us.
Gus: It was also the first time we played to a room full of strangers.


Do you have any advice for growing bands?
Gus: I would say focus on making music. Its all about how you sound and how much heart you give on stage.
Scout: Keep listening to the music you love and lead with the music. So many artists are going for spectical and image. I think its important to play the music just because you love it and are passionate about it.
Gus: When you’re performing it doesn’t matter if youre playing to a packed room or one person.
Scout: Play any gig thats offered to you. We played under an assumed name in Brooklyn to eight people. Its all practice. Its all about becoming better musicians.

How was it playing in big popular festival such as Bumbershoot?
Scout: We’ve never played a show where the crowd was so responsive. The energy we felt coming back.
Gus: We haven’t played in a little bit so its been a second. The weather is beautiful and Seattle is such a cool city. It feels like home.


Do you have any goals in the near future?
Gus: The immediate one is to get together and write a lot of songs that reflect who we are as musicians which is a very different place then where we are from the songs were playing now. Go play, travel and record an album when were ready.

Listen to “Gone,  Gone, Gone” below:

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