NEW MUSIC: The Wombats – “Your Body Is A Weapon”


Liverpool trio, The Wombats, return with new track, “Your Body Is A Weapon.” Their latest single manages to draw elements from their guitar-heavy debut, A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation, and synth-driven sophomore effort, This Modern Glitch, all the while sounding refreshingly new.

Vocalist/guitarist Matthew “Murph” Murphy longingly belts out, “Your body is a weapon, love/and it makes me want to cry/my body is a temple of doom/doomed not to be by your side” during the chorus. Although sounding like a typical love song on the surface, “Your Body Is A Weapon” explores different aspects of love and the (lack of) enjoyment that follows one’s profession. (Particularly that of a paparazzi, according to NME’s chat with frontman Murph.)

This fast-paced tune alongside poignant lyrics can only bring excitement for what is to be expected from The Wombats’ upcoming third album. (By Jennie Tan)

Listen to “Your Body Is A Weapon” below:

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