REVIEW: Haim – Days Are Gone


Artist: Haim
Album: Days Are Gone
Release Date: September 30

The much-anticipated album, Days Are Gone by Haim, is being released September 30th. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a sister trio from LA and they are taking the festival scene by storm. Haim, (pronounced Hyme) has reached huge popularity in the UK and I am sure it will reach to the US soon. They have toured with bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Henry Clay People, Mumford & Sons, Florence and the Machine, Phoenix, and Ke$ha.

The first track is, “Falling.” This song is about not giving up. They sing about falling and trying to stay up. “I’m Falling” is repeated over and over again but with the message that things will get better. I know this is going to be my go to bad day song.

“Forever” is so catchy. It’s about an ending relationship, one where the girl is still into him. It is catchy while still having the message of trying to get over a relationship you still feel emotionally involved with.

“The Wire” was the single for this album, and it is a classic song about the girl being done with a relationship, and the boy not. It’s funny because the previous song was about the opposite. She sings about not trying to fall out of love, “at least not intentionally. ”In the video, Jorma Taccone, from The Lonely Island plays Danielle’s sad ex-boyfriend. I really liked the video, and I think it is a girl power song. I liked how it wasn’t about being love sick as most girl bands sing about.

“If I Could Change Your Mind,” is much more poppy. It is a reversion back to the theme of “Forever.” She is still feeling for this guy. She wants him to love her like he did before. I think it has a radio quality.

“Honey & I” in my opinion is up to interpretation. My favorite lyric is “I don’t love you just because love wasn’t what I thought it once was. But I thought it once was telling each other everything, picking up your wedding rings.” I recommend listening to it and forming your own opinion on what the song means.

“Don’t Save Me” is about missing how things used to be because she missed it while looking forward to the future. This is a song I would want to listen to with my windows down in my car.

“Days Are Gone,” is the title track. It has a more electronic feel and a much different sound than the rest of the album.

“My Song 5” has a much darker sound than the rest of the mostly upbeat songs on the album. It is a total girl power song. My favorite line is “Honey, I’m not you’re honey pie.” This is my favorite song on the album. I like the harder instruments and it is something to rock out to.

“Go Slow” reverts back to the sound of their first songs on the album. It is as the song name suggests slower. The backbeat is really great. I like the repetition and the lyrics are meaningful.

“Let Me Go” starts out with minimal music and whisper singing. It then picks up a bit with an added drumbeat. There is then more consistent drum use. The lyric “we are nothing but holding on” sums up the song. She knows the relationship is no good anymore but she can’t be the one to end it.

“Running If You Call My Name” ends the album on a great note. I like the almost chain vocals in the back. It sticks to their common theme of love.

I like how Haim turns the idea of common love songs into something unconventional. I highly recommend this album, and if you haven’t listened to Haim before, I recommend that as well. You can stream their new album, “Days Are Gone” here. (By Courtney Luzarraga)

Listen to “The Wire” below:

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