REVIEW: Arctic Monkeys – AM


Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Album: AM
Release Date: September 9, 2013

After a couple of long awaited months, British indie rock band the Arctic Monkeys has finally released their fifth studio album, entitled AM. This album has been out for quite a while now and if you haven’t heard it yet, you should. AM is also perfect for those of you who are looking for something totally new and funky to spice up your playlists.

This record introduces its psychedelic vibe with the track “Do I Wanna Know?” Featuring a series of feet stomps, handclaps and a groovy guitar riff, this opener successfully hypnotizes and kidnaps the audience into this whirlwind of songs that they’re about to listen to.

“R U Mine” is a continuation of “Do I Wanna Know.” In this song, the band continues to explore the depths of this “kaleidoscopic” sound. By this song, you’re wondering if the quartet chose to adopt a “heavy metal/grunge” feel for this fifth record. Not to worry though, they haven’t completely strayed from their “classic” Arctic Monkeys sound, they’ve just added this dark groove to the latter and a couple of their other songs.

If we move forward a bit, we land on “No.1 Party Anthem.” Although the title may lead us to think about LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem,” it should be noted that the Arctic Monkeys‘ party anthem is anything but electropop. Ditching the heavy electric guitars for the acoustic ones, this song is slow and relaxing and even sounds like a The Beatles song. Thus, the toned down vibe of this anthem makes it stand out from the rest of the album.

Then, we have “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” This track is returns to the psychedelic style of AM. It’s not so “grungy” in terms of heavy guitars, but there’s more of a “groovy” and blues-like component to this song due to the accentuated bass guitar.

The album ends with “I Wanna Be Yours.” Alex Turner sings about love and wanting to be that “it” man of a certain love interest. This track is the perfect one to tie the whole album up. It’s a slow blend of all the different styles that the band was experimenting with for this record. This final song leaves an addictive aftertaste that forces fans to replay the whole CD over and over again.

Finally, AM is a great representation of the Arctic Monkeys‘ potential of incorporating new elements into their music. It is definitely the band’s most mature album to date. (By Karmin Yu)

Listen to “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” below

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