MOVIE: Take Away Phoenix

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Take Away Phoenix is a 21 minutes long movie of a French alternative rock band, Phoenix performing four songs total in four different settings directed by Colin Solal Cardo.

The whole movie was filmed with one camera only and sound recorded on site. It opens with vocalist Thomas Mars walking on the crowd (which he does it all the time at the end of their set during “Entertainment”) followed with the band performing “Bourgeois” on a plane full with sleeping crew and Mars singing with the plane’s phone, “Entertainment” that was filmed by a drone at an empty garden at Palace of Versailles, which look totally badass I could say with the wide landscape shot of the Versailles.

The third song of this movie is “Trying To Be Cool” was filmed at Neptune’s bassins where Mars rows the boat while the rest of the band member plays their instrument and closed with “Countdown” where Mars and Brancowitz walks at the small garden at Palace of Versailles followed with closing credit where Mars crowdsurfed at the end of their show.

If you’re curious (or not), you can watch the full movie below!

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