ALBUM REVIEW: The 1975 – The 1975


Artist: The 1975
Album: The 1975
Release Date: Sept 2, 2013
Rate: 5/5
Review by Lauren Lyford

Ever since The 1975 released their debut EP IV, I’ve been obsessed with their sound and their front man Mathew Healy’s voice. The uniqueness of their genre crossing music is great all in it’s self and the band continues to empress with their first full-length self-titled album. The 1975 did stellar job making an album that you can virtually listen to in any situation, dance party to studying or making the walk to class just that much more enjoyable.

IV seemed to be a preview of what was to come with this album The 1975, a few songs on IV were included on the full-length but with a new spin which added more depth to tracks such as “Sex” and “The City”. “Chocolate” although is still in its original form, that we all know and love.


“The 1975” – Is basically an interlude into what is to come. It’s on the slower side and its 1 minute and 20 seconds is packed with great lyrics.
“The City” – Same great song that we got to know on their EP just revamped a bit.
“M.O.N.E.Y” – This song has an amazing beat to it while giving off a bit of a jazz feeling hidden in the background. Topped off with once again amazing lyrics.
“Chocolate” – Otherwise known as your summer jam. Enough said.
“Sex” – Refreshing twist on the EP’s first take. This version has a more powerful feel to it, and Healy’s voice sounds a lot stronger and more confident.
“Talk!” – Healy’s voice is very nicely showcased in this song and especially in the line “Why do you talk so loud”. Has to be one of my favorites on the album.
“An Encounter” – Is a nice instrumental break, which has a seemingly fragile feeling to it.
“Heart Out” – Right from the start I could tell this would be one of my favorite songs. It gives off an 80’s electro-pop vibe.  I can’t praise them enough for their artfully smart and well-written lyrics.
“Settle Down” – Is a very dance-y song that makes you want jump right out of your seat and get to moving.  Very well played rhythm guitar throughout the entirety of the song.
“Robbers” – Is a little slower than most of its album mates but still packs the same punch as the others. It is an outstanding track with yet again outstanding lyrics.
“Girls” – Healy’s voice takes on a gorgeous falsetto in the beginning flows into his usual range. Very fun song to dance around to with all of your friends, it’s a tune sure to put you into a great mood.
“12” – Another powerful instrumental break, with a worldly sort of sound.
“She Way Out” – Healy’s voice is very raw and beautiful on in this track.  Another wonderful addition to the album.
“Menswear” – Begins with an odd sort of trippy feeling and continues until halfway through, where it drops into well written and magically sung lyrics.
“Pressure” – Reminds of “Chocolate” with the guitar parts in the beginning and continues into a catchy track.
“Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You” – Is the only ballad on the album, which is accompanied by passion filled piano playing. Hauntingly beautiful lyrics and terrifically sung with much emotion, a very heartfelt song all together.

This has to be one of the most original and well made albums I’ve heard for a while.  Amazing job The 1975, a job well done. Truly well written accompanied by a great voice and amazingly well played instruments.

Recommended songs: “Girls,” “Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You,” “Talk!,” “M.O.N.E.Y.”

Listen to “Chocolate” below!

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