REVIEW: William Beckett – Genuine and Counterfeit


Artist: William Beckett
Album: Genuine and Counterfeit
Release Date: August 20

Since the split of The Academy Is… back in 2011, William Beckett has been busy building up his solo career, putting out three amazing EPs in 2012 and playing great sets each day in the Acoustic Basement at this year’s Vans Warped Tour. This summer, Beckett released his debut album as a solo artist, Genuine & Counterfeit, boasting a sound similar to what is found on his last three Eps but with a few sweet little surprises.

The record features some upbeat synth-pop jams you can dance around to like popular single “Benny and Joon” and “Pick Up the Phone,” which features Say Anything‘s Max Bemis. Feel-good songs such as “Hanging on a Honeymoon” are just as catchy and perfect for summer nights spent with friends thinking about young love and other cliches.

A few other gems include “By Your Side,” which features a banjo for a folky twist to Beckett’s typical style, and “Cracks in the Ceiling,” which starts out on a sadder note but builds up to a more whimsical chorus. “Time for a Sign,” which features Mayday Parade‘s Derek Sanders, also begins a bit softer before jumping into a more powerful and louder chorus with a killer bass line.

With his first full-length solo album, William Beckett gives us his hard work and dedication in the form of songs that are super fun to listen to while staying true to his creative interests and himself, creating music that is genuinely enjoyable.

Review by Paula Mirando

Listen to Benny and Joon below:

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