REVIEW: Panic! At The Disco – Miss Jackson


Panic! at the Disco have recently released a single to coincide with their fall tour and upcoming album. The song, entitled ‘Miss Jackson’, is undoubtedly quite different from the emo pop-rock that P!ATD is so famous for. In fact, it sounds almost like it belongs on the newest album of their soon-to-be tourmates, Fall Out Boy. The style, lyrics, and vocals of the song match up almost perfectly with FOB‘s latest release, Save Rock and Roll. The lyrics talk about a one-night stand — not a very enthralling subject — but still, it is quite catchy. With this tune, Panic! is surely moving on from their days of old (i.e. Ryan Ross), and though this song might not have been a good first choice to get the ball rolling on their new album, it leaves one to wonder just what else is in store.Look for P!ATD‘s newest album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! out October 8th. Download the song on iTunes at and preorder the album at by Shelby Kreiger

Listen to “Miss Jackson” below:

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