LIVE PHOTOS: 8123 Tour Live at Washington DC


Seeing The Maine on the 8123 Tour last July 6 in Washington, DC was one of the best concert experiences of my life. While it was my third time seeing The Maine and my fourth time seeing This Century, I had never been to one of Brighten’s or A Rocket to the Moon’s shows before. Seeing A Rocket to the Moon for the first and last time was bittersweet, but they exceeded my expectations with both the energy from the band and the crowd’s enthusiasm. When The Maine came on, the crowd went wild. It was amazing to see how far this band has come in the past six years, accented by the variety of songs they played, from the classic “Into Your Arms” to “These Four Words,” off their fourth and latest album Forever Halloween. My favorite moment was when John came down into the crowd during “Count ‘Em One, Two, Three.” As he crowd surfed his way back to the stage, his shirt got ripped off of him, to the delight of all the girls in the room. The Maine never disappoints, and I’m so glad I was lucky enough to attend the 8123 Tour.

By Lilly Nguyen

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