INTERVIEW: The Fergies


Australian pop band, The Fergies, are gaining international popularity with the help of social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Comprised of siblings Kahlia, Daniel, Joel, Nathan, and Shani, these talented young musicians have been performing together for over four years; while continuing to win over fans across the globe with their spot-on harmonies. After signing to Kingdom Management, the band shows no signs of slowing down.

Before you were ‘The Fergies,’ you went by the name ‘Freak Morice.’ What prompted the name change?
We all loved the quirkiness of Freak Morice. But for a long while, we felt like it just didn’t align with who we are. So Joel came up with The Fergies – which is short for our last name Ferguson – and we all totally feel like it’s the best decision we could have made.

Your parents were both musicians, so you grew up very exposed to music. When did you all know that playing together was something you wanted to take more seriously?
Yeh, we come from a really, really musical family! Our Dad is like Jack Black meets John Mayer and our Mum is a classical music teacher. So all five of us basically have the word “music” imprinted on our DNA haha! In late 2007, Kahlia found a newspaper flyer for a Battle of the Bands Competition and was really keen to enter! Dan, Shani, Nathan and Joel liked the idea of playing to a crowd too so we gave the competition a go just for a bit of fun and ended up coming second on our first performance ever! And it’s been full steam ahead ever since.

You performed at the Redcliffe KiteFest and Grassy Knoll Festival earlier this year. Describe performing live in one word.
Inspiring. Every time we hit a stage it’s like full adrenaline and excitement! Performing to a crowd is without a doubt the best part of being an artist and it’s something we’re totally pumped to do more of in the near future.

Aside from the covers you post on YouTube, you also write and post a fair amount of original music. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Our original music is definitely where our heart is and our fans are for sure going to be getting more of it in the super near future – yay! We draw our inspiration from real life experiences such as breakups, awesome dates, difficulties we experience in our career, body image issues… we want our fans to connect with us in a really personal way through our music, so we try to make every song as honest as possible.

If all five of you competed against each other on the game show Survivor, who would come out on top?
That’s hilarious! Um, probably Nathan because out of all of us he’s the most into like wildlife and animals and stuff. So while he’d be making his own fire and eating all of the right plants – Katniss Everdeen-style – Joel would be crying due to lack of real food, Shani would be out looking for a mall, Dan would be lost and confused without his guitar and Kahlia would be screaming every time she saw an ant hahaha. True story!!

Are there any plans to go on an international tour?
Yes, absolutely! We’re really hoping to hit the road later this year so fingers crossed everything will come together. You never know what the future will bring so right now it’s all about just building our Fergster Family, which is so much fun! We have huge dreams and we’re not going to give up until we reach them.

What do you love most about the Fergster Family?
They are literally just the nicest, most supportive and hilarious group of people ever! And not just to us! Sometimes we’ll log on and check out some of our fans Twitter pages and they’re always so encouraging and loving to one another. Like a month ago, a couple of Fergsters made a video where the whole fan base wrote and recorded messages of love and support to a couple of our fans who were going through a difficult time. That was just amazing! We couldn’t ask for a more incredible fan base, we really couldn’t!

*On a side note, The Fergies removed all of their covers off of YouTube, to eliminate the risk of their channel being deleted due to copyright laws. The band recently released a new original song, “Clumsy”, which you can check out on their YouTube channel. (By Chloe Hoy)


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