City and Colour with Metric, Jimmy Eat World, and more at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

On June 29th City and Colour headlined an outdoor music event held at Niagara-on-the-Lake. Other performers include Metric, Jimmy Eat World, Serena Ryder and Yukon Blonde. This mostly Canadian lineup was impressive.

Although the small town does not have infrastructure to deal with the influx of 18,000 people (resulting in massive traffic jams) once inside the gates the event ran smoothly and was a success.

Opening the concert was Yukon Blonde playing their song “My Girl”. Front man Jeff Innes described the mood best, “You guys are gonna be a little sweaty but who fucking cares”. Their cool summer sound fit the festival atmosphere well. They played a fun, lighthearted set complete with a lot of head shaking,a great start to the concert.

Next Serena Ryder took to the stage. Charming the crowd with her wholesome all Canadian girl image, you couldn’t help but smile as she bounced around the stage. Her recent hits “Stompa’” and “What I Wouldn’t Do” were particularly well received as well as her 2006 ballad “Weak in the Knees”.

Jimmy Eat World was next to perform. They played a mix of old hits and songs off their newly released album, Damage. The set was enjoyed by the twenty somethings in the audience, but was lost among the young teens unfamiliar of the band’s earlier days. They saved their best known song “The Middle” for the finale in which had the crowd singing and dancing along.

The next band, Metric brought the most energy to the stage by far. Singer Emily Haines strutted and jumped around interacting with her band mates as well as the audience. The rain which had been forecast to come all day finally arrived during the next three songs, but in true festival spirit, the crowd seemed unfazed.

When City and Colour came on the audience’s response was a warm one. They had been waiting through sun and pouring rain for 6 hours and Dallas Green was clearly who they had come to see. His performance was pared down in comparison to the other bands and focused on the music. His soulful voice and guitar reverberated through the air filling the entire field with sound.The cool, almost bluesy tones suited the evening and final set. He had the crowd singing along with him to songs like “Comin’ Home” and “Northern Wind”.

The day certainly didn’t disappoint. With great music, insane traffic, and mixed weather, the atmosphere really felt like a true a summer music festival.

Words & Photos by Charlotte Gagnier
Edits by Tiffany Lam

Yukon Blonde

Serena Ryder
Jimmy Eat World
City & Colour

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