REVIEW: 8123 Tour Live in Montreal


The Maine & Friends

After a long awaited year, The Maine has finally made their way back to Montreal last week with Brighten, This Century and A Rocket to the Moon on their 8123 tour. Those who haven’t lost their The Maine concert virginity yet were in for a surprise.

For those of you who haven’t really been keeping up with the Arizonian quintet over the past year, they have released a concert DVD, Anthem For A Dying Breed, just last fall. Next, thanks to photographer Dirk Mai, fans were able to be in possession of a huge collection of photos that documented the band’s past 4 years. Then, on June 4th, their fourth (and best, in my opinion) album Forever Halloween hit store shelves. Not only was June 4th the birth of their new record, but it was also the day they kickstarted their summer tour in Tempe, AZ.

Now going back to the night of the concert, Brigthen first stepped on stage. They set the mood up by playing a few songs like “Single Millionaires” and  “I’ll Be Therewith Justin Richards on his acoustic guitar. Midway through their set, Sean Silverman from This Century joined them to play the remainder of their songs. Even though Richards didn’t interact much with the crowd, older fans were still able to happily sing and sway along to the band’s slow tempo’ed love songs.

The crowd cheered on louder when This Century took over the stage next. Their set was filled with energy that got the crowd dancing around. The first song they played was a slow downed version of “Hopeful Romantic. They then performed a couple songs off their new record Biography Of A Heartbreak. Although fans were not as familiar with “Tip Toe, they were still able to sing the words to “Skeletonsand “Bleach Blonde. They also played songs off their debut album Sound Of Fire. My favorite moment from their set was when Joel Kanitz dedicated “To Love And Back to one of the band’s special fans. What I also really liked about this act was they had a huge stage presence and there was a lot of fan interaction going on. The group then finished off with “Sound Of Fire, which got the crowd ready for the night’s second half of the show.

A Rocket To The Moon took over the stage next. You could feel the excitement coming from every corner of the room since this would be the last time fans would be able to catch the band playing live right before their eyes instead of on YouTube.  The band didn’t talk much to the crowd, but they had some jokes here and there between themselves. Their set consisted of a balance between old and new hits. They started off with a track from their new album Wild & Free called “Call It All Home”. The band then dug out an older song, “If Only They Knew, which the crowd was singing along to since they were more familiar with this one. Next, they rocked the stage with “Wild & Free which got the pit dancing around wildly and freely. Even though the crowd didn’t know all the words to the previous songs, people DEFINITELY were able to full heartedly sing along to Nick Santino’s older love tunes, “Baby Blue Eyesand “Like We Used To. The band ended their set with a high energy performance of “Mr. Right.

When The Maine, accompanied by Alex Silverman from This Century, finally got on stage and started playing “Love & Drugs, the crowd went insane. “Misery and “Inside Of You” started playing and everyone sang and rocked out with John O’Callaghan. They obviously pulled out “Into Your Arms and the crowd probably sang even louder than John Oh himself. They also performed a couple of tracks from their new record, including their single, “Happy” and “Kennedy Curse. A few songs later, the volume level of the room died down when an emotional O’Callaghan started to sing “These Four Words alone on stage. The other four members then returned on stage to play a slow downed version of “Whoever She Is.  The room’s energy went out of the roof when they covered Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun. The most memorable part of the show was the end when they played their last two songs. During “Like We Did, they brought up two lucky fans dressed in animal suits to sing and dance with them. For their final song of the night, This Century and A Rocket To The Moon joined them on stage to sing “We’ll All Be, which was the perfect way to end the show. Overall, this night was, without a doubt, one to be remembered.

Photos & review by Karmin Yu

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