ALBUM REVIEW: Big Time Rush – 24/Seven


Artist: Big Time Rush
Album: 24/Seven
Release Date: June 11, 2013

Big Time Rush is back with their third album, 24/Seven. The follow up to 2011’s Elevate. the album has a brightly positive vibe with songs about hanging out, having fun, and falling in love. The standard version of the album features 10 tracks, most of which are written or co-written by one or more of the boys. The deluxe version features 5 additional tracks, including a collaboration with up and coming singer/rapper Jake Miller called “Lost in Love,”

The album opens with 24/Seven, This song is the best way to open up the album and it’s no question my favorite track on the album. I love everything about it from the beat & instrumentals to the lyrics like “try to knock us down, we’ll get up every time. We can run this town, so let’s do what we like.” If they decide to put a single out to radio again, I believe this would be a great choice.

The next song is Like Nobody’s Around. To be honest, It’s by far one of my favorite songs on the album, at this point in the album, these first two songs clearly have the message of living your own life and not caring what other people say/think.

It’s one of those albums that has songs that will just have to grow on you. it’s an enjoyable album, just like their previous two. And what makes it even more special is that the guys contributing to the writing credits of all the songs. It’s a good album for hanging out with your friends this summer.

Rate: 4/5
Go Download: 24/Seven, Like Nobody’s Around, Song For You (feat. Karmin)
Written by Seanzha Kemal

Check out 24/7 below!

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