ALBUM REVIEW: Sleeping With Sirens – Feel


Artist: Sleeping With Sirens
Album: Feel
Release Date: June 4th, 2013

Sleeping With Sirens has done it again, the five piece has brought us another standout record entitled Feel. The bands rise to greatness has been fast coming with only five years under their belts. Each record has shown us the growth in their musicianship and versatility. Feel debuts a  new sound for the band while still holding on to their past post-hardcore vibe. This album features some very talented guest vocals including Matty Mullins of  Memphis May Fire on the track “Congratulations”, former vocalist/guitarists of Of Mice and Men Shayley Bourget on “I’ll Take You There”, Fronz in “The Best There Ever Was” and MGK on “Alone”.  Feel is the album that will set Sleeping With Sirens out from the rest of the contenders in their scene.

The album’s title track doesn’t necessarily set the stage for the album but rather grabs ahold of the listener and prepares you for what is to come. This positive track deviates from the older songs quite a bit but ensures the listener of the maturity of the vocals and lyrical content.

“Here We Go” is the second track on the album again showcases the growth in Kellin’s vocals and the diversity of the album. Not as heavy as some SWS fans were probably hoping but it still holds that SWS flair that we are all used to.

The third track “Free Now” which happens to be one of my favorites is also one of the most calm of all tracks. You can tell that the lyrics are very soulful and full of deep meaning for Kellin. “Free Now” is a very sincere track that seems to come straight from the heart.

“Alone” which happens to be one of the singles released from the album really shows the new direction the band is heading in while holding on to their “post-hardcore” roots with a new flair. MGK is featured in this song and makes an excellent addition to the song.

The fifth track “I’ll Take You There” comes off as a very emotional track. Jesse Lawson showcases his amazing talent with his killer backup vocals and rhythm guitar. This song features Shayley Bourget which is an excellent addition to the song.

The sixth track “The Best There Ever Was” will excite many of the fans with its strong entrance. This track is also one of the “heaviest” on the album. This song is full of emotion and meaning.  Being the heaviest it also has some of the most uplifting lyrics, “People try to hate you when you make it to the top,Just put your middle fingers up, follow your dreams and never stop,We’re the best there ever was and ever will you know it’s true”.

“Low” the debut single off of Feel is what I believe to be the best track to bridge the gap from old SWS to new. Meaningful lyrics and solid progression.

Track number eight, “Congratulations” happens to be another one of my favorites that features guest vocals from the one and only Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire. This is a very strong track that enhances the freshness of the bands talent. I hope that singer duet continues because their voices complement each other incredibly well.

Up next is “Deja Vu” that’s a very fun and dare I say it, sexy track. Its upbeat tempo will sure to be on everyones repeat. Coming in at number ten “These Things I’ve Done” is another solid track lyrically and musically.

“Sorry” is the softest track on the album, once again debuting the maturity and growth of Kellin’s vocals. The beginning of the song has remnants of the ballad style of some tracks off of If You Were a Movie, This Would be Your Soundtrack.

Last but not least we have “Satellites”. It’s a very uplifting track that is sure to tug on the heartstrings of all fans.  Hitting home with everyone and reminding all to stay true to themselves.

Well Done, Sleeping With Sirens.

Rate: 5/5
Review by: Lauren Lyford

Check out Congratulations ft Matty Mullins:

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