LIVE PHOTOS: Young Guns @ The Sound Academy, Toronto

“We are all here tonight for the same reason, and that is for the love of fucking rock music.” – Gustav Wood to the Toronto show crowd, 07/05/2013

UK rock band Young Guns took the stage on May 7th at the Sound Academy in Toronto. Despite being recent emerging artists and opening acts for Bullet For My Valentine, these guys fully knew how to put on an electric show and own a crowd. Perhaps what stood out was this band’s incredible stage presence; lead singer Gustav Wood was constantly moving across the stage and Ben Jolliffe on drums was putting everything he had into his set. Mitchell and the Taylor brothers were just as entertaining. It was a full high-energy show and a well played set for a first large crowd show in Toronto. Needless to say, these guys are likely going to be around for a while.

Their latest album, Bones, is now widely available across Canada through Wax Records. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the band in Issue #11 – out June 3rd!

Photos by Tiffany Lam

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