Wise Girl is a pop rock group originating from the busy city of Manhattan, NYC. If you live in NYC, then you can probably or have already caught the band performing in many venues of the area. They have played Vans Warped Tour in the past and have also been featured on Kate Spade’s website. They are currently in the studio creating a new album that is set to be released sometime this year. If you haven’t listened to their self-titled EP yet or are wondering what it’s like, then read on if you are interested in some fast-paced and upbeat music.

Set in Stone starts off with a very catchy guitar riff that hooked me into the song right away. This song is VERY upbeat and makes me want to get off my feet and just dance. The tone is very bright and this track definitely demonstrates the potential that vocalist Abby Weitz has to offer. This track sounds like the typical pop rock song and has a modern, yet retro feel to it (most likely influenced by Weitz’s 60’s rock background). Its fast paced style reflects the city from where the band comes from. This song is definitely one that you want to blast from your speakers in the summer. This is a hit that many people would probably listen to.

Wishful Thinking is significantly slower and darker compared to Set in Stone. The beginning with the guitar riff reminds me of Rihanna’s Shut Up and Drive. This song has a ballad feel to it and it got me swaying back and forth. If you are expecting this song to be another version of Set in Stone, you may get bored listening to this one. Because it is a slower track, its lyrics are much easier for listeners to catch on to and for them to sing along to.

Roles Reverse is different from the other two tracks. This one has more a southern and country feel to it, making this song more laid back and fun to listen to. The band toned down on the guitar in this song and the spotlight is shifted on to the bass. This third song is a lot less catchy than the group’s other two and is also a tad bit of a turn-off for pop rock fans.

I found that the band used a little too much guitar in most of their songs and that no lyrics particularly stood out. The instruments took away from the meaning of their lyrics, making it very easy for people to just play their songs and focus on other things (sort of like background music that you can find in a coffee shop).

Overall, Wise Girl has the potential of being very popular. Their music is catchy and upbeat and is bound to catch people’s attention. If you’re the type of person who likes to just dance around or is looking for some new music to put onto your upcoming summer playlist, then you won’t be disappointed. I’m looking forward to their new album and would definitely love to hear some slower songs.

Review by Karmin Yu

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