Artist: This Century
Album: Biography of a Heartbreak
Release date: May 14th

Right from the beginning This Century hits you with a pulsing pop track, “Slow Dance Night”, bringing you back into the strength of the quartet. The band produces a solid mix of pop/ rock and electro tunes with this album. It seems as if This Century has really grasped who they want to be musically with this album. I believe that this is, This Century’s year to shine with a solid album such as this, and being apart of a strong summer line up. Biography of a Heartbreak will be the album that sets them apart from some of their fellow pop/rock contenders. Sure to impress their “grassroots” and any other.

One track entitled “Run and Hide” reminds me of  “When I’m Gone” by fellow friends A Rocket to the Moon having an islandy vibe to it. Along with that, familiar track “Bleach Blonde” is featured on the album just in time to sing you right back into summer. The song “Love is a Fools Game” showcases Joel’s falsetto and talent.  Other tracks like “My Weakness” and “Tip Toe” with their catchy choruses are sure to find their home in the hums of all listeners.

The final track “Deadly Weapon” closes out the album quite nicely, leaving the listener with a message of being “Unstoppable and Unbreakable” sure to resonate with all. Having consistency throughout it’s entirety, Biography of Heartbreak is sure to become the pop/rock album of the summer.  There’s not a moment where you won’t want to start dancing.

Tracks recommendation: Slow Dance Night, Sideways, Love Killer, Biography of a Heartbreak
Rating: 4/5
Review by Lauren Lyford

Check out This Century new single, Slow Dance Night below:

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