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We recently did an interview with a post-hardcore band from Houston, TX known as Fear and Wonder.

Q: Some of you were part of other bands prior to forming FEAR AND WONDER, why did you decide to leave?
A: Creative differences and business decisions were to blame for the most part but they were all natural things that happen within a band. 

Q: Your EP is entitled Beauty Is The Beast, what’s the meaning behind it?

A: Beauty Is The Beast to us describes how physical attraction can deceive your heart at times. We must look deep inside each other to find true beauty.

Q: What’s the story behind “Like A Movie” and its music video?
A: The story is about a young man who girlfriend has passed away and he stays at home watching footage of them together that filmed on his camera. As he is watching the footage his tv goes crazy and sucks him inside putting him inside the footage with his girlfriend. Reunited with her he choose to stay inside the tv and turns the power off on the TV so he can remain with her forever.

Q: For Melissa: How does it feel to be the only girl in the band?

A: Well that’s a question I get a lot and people never expect what I have to say, I actually love it and it’s very easy for me, because I grew up with three brothers as the only girl, so I know how its like to have a family and be the only girl in it, also it’s a lot of fun because my band is so caring and they always have my back, they’re very understanding and all know how to talk to me in any situation, the best part is getting to be on stage and show them that I can go as hard as the boys!-Melissa Sterling

Q:  Who would you like to tour with and where would be your dream place to tour?

A: We would love to tour with A Day to Remember, Parkway Drive, Pierce The Veil, I See Stars, Asking Alexandria, Slipknot, and Dimmu Borgir. Just to name a few haha. We would love to play over seas and Australia. South America would be amazing! One of our dreams is to do the entire Vans Warped Tour. That would be a dream come true.

Q: First concert you’ve been to?
Albert: My first concert was Korn when I was 12 haha. It was amazing.
Corey: Mine was Powerman 5000 and Papa Roach.
Brad: Underoath, Soasing, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.
Nate: Fall of Troy and Fear Before the March of Flames.
Melissa: Britney Spears when I was 11!
Jameson: It Dies Today, Aiden, and Silverstein

Q: Which bands influence your style of music? How are you different from those bands?
A: We draw influences from a ton of artist. I’d say some of them are I See Stars, A Day to Remember, Slipknot, Asking Alexandria, and believe it or not we take influences from a lot of pop artist. We are different in that we add a lot more electronic/digital arrangements to our music than most of those bands. We want to take everything we do to the next level.
Q: When did you guys start getting into music?

A: We all started at a young age going to concerts and such and learning our instruments. It’s been quite a journey and we feel like we are ready to show the world we have what it takes.

Q: Why should people listen to your album?
A: People should listen to our album because it has something for everyone. If you enjoy sing along choruses, we got those. If you enjoy heavy and powerful breakdowns, we DEFINITELY have those! Purchase it on iTunes and check out our online merch store at!


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