Into The Band: Walk The Moon


Our contributor, Eman El-Saied got a chance to talk with Eli Maiman of Walk The Moon for our upcoming spring issue. Below are sneak peak of the interview!

Whats more important: performance or sticking to the sound?

-We definitely try to approximate the record as much as we can. We never want to rely upon pre-recorded sounds. We wanna be live. For us, it’s all about pumping the crowd. We think its important to making our fans feel a part of us and not keeping them in a fish bowl. However, when I see an artist, I think if the lead can’t sing but can sell the song, I’d be happy. If I had to choose, energy over music performance any day.

Who would you kill to tour with?

-The Killers, David Bowie, and Vampire Weekend.

Who is Anna Sun? Who wrote the song?

-Anna Sun was a professor at Kenyon College. The song itself, its not about her at all. The song is kind of this string of images, from our childhood and college to invoke this not quite knowing what you want to be you know? You’re an adult and still feel like a kid. Anna Sun (the professor) is just another image in a string of images from our past. Nick wrote that at the end of his college career.

You were on Billboard, Jimmy Fallon, Lettermen, and last time I checked, your song was behind a Microsoft commercial! I even heard Anna Sun on my local rock station. How does it feel to hear your music catch on?

-Its really cool. My brother lives in LA and he says all he hears is Little Talks, Anna Sun, and Hey Ho. Could you please kill the song? Its flattering and surreal.


Do you guys have face paint at most shows, or was that just a special occasion?

-Most of our headlining shows, we really like to do it when its OUR party. Not someone else’s. It came from this whole “lost boys”, spys, and the movie Hook, it caught on. Visual representation of our live shows. It wasn’t a plan or marketing plan. Wwe lucked out, and did something we thought was really cool.

How did you guys come up with “WALK THE MOON” as a band name?

-Walk The Moon came from The Police song “Walking on the Moon”. The Police is a pretty good influence on the band and it just stuck with us.

What is your favorite concert/festival experience? Where and why?

-Our favorite collective experience was at Firefly. We got to see The Killers perform, and it was kind of a religious experience.

Where do your lyrics usually derive from?

-Lyrics always start from an autobiographical place and personal experiences; once they start being written and pick on their own lives.


What’s your favorite track?

-Everybody has a favorite song; moment from the record. We grateful that people love a wide-spectrum of what we do.

I noticed you guys cover a lot of other great artists. Whats your usual?

-White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Floxes was our favorite live!

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