Into The Band: Undervienna Skies


Undervienna Skies, a pop rock band based from Melbourne, Australia, got a chance to talk about their new single and their upcoming EP below:

Can you tell us what is the meaning behind Nights Like These? Like the meaning of the lyrics or something you want to tell the listeners through the song?
Nights Like These is basically a song about setting things straight with a person of interest. In a way, it’s about living the moment – you know like when you’re kinda seeing someone, some people will start up rumors and that’s when you’ll actually see if this is all worth it. So, I guess that’s it, living the moment with someone you love!

So, Dylan Nash produced the song and also did a feature on the song. Can you tell us a little on how it happened and the making story behind your EP?
Dylan did a great job producing our EP, this may sound like a surprise – but this is actually his FIRST ever EP he produced and mixed! Which is awesome for both Undervienna and Dylan Nash himself. About him featuring on Nights was actually thought on the spot, he told us that nights’ chorus got stuck in his head when he was checking the song out. So, we just asked him to do it and he said yes!

Can you describe the EP using metaphors? or just in a sentence?
The EP is very “colorful”. Cause it’s called “Colours”

The very authentic ITC closing, please promote yourself!
So, our EP called “Colours” will be out around March-April! Be sure to pick that up and we hope to see you in a show soon! P.s. follow our twitter @undrvnaskies and like our facebook ( for awesome updates and more!

Interview by Dania Dwikhanza

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