Song Review: Nights Like These by Undervienna Skies


When you first pressed that play button to the song, you will be greeted by an intro that would reminded you of a usual pop-punk song that could be found on bands like All Time Low or Boys Like Girls but as the song goes, it would catch you on hook right off the bat. “Nights Like These” has every element to make a successful first single. Catchy lyrics and chorus? Check. A nice collaboration? Check. 

The song features Dylan Nash of The Never Ever, who actually produced the song as well. You may heard the band because they recently opened for Yellowcard and toured with Simple Plan. May I say the collaboration is flawless? It shifted so swift, wouldn’t make the listeners shocked in the change of voice. Dylan done a great job too for being able to be in harmony with Lan’s voice. Both of their voices sounded amazingly together.

This song in a nutshell; a song that a lot of people would like and as a prediction, it would take Undervienna Skies’ name to the surface.

Undervienna Skies isn’t exactly an unfamiliar name to some people. The frontman, Lan Alexander, who you may recognized as the vocalist of Meet Me By Sunrise, went down under to pursue his education in music. Of course, making a band is irresistible to the talented teen. After 7 months, the brand new Undervienna Skies is formed.

They had spent a week in Sydney working on their new EP that would be released sometime between March and April this year. The song “Nights Like These” would be dropping on February 10th. Be sure to check out the band and get the song when it’s out because this is one band you surely don’t want to miss!

Written by Dania Dwikhanza

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