New Interview: Forget Me In Vegas


How did your band form?

Forget Me In Vegas formed at the last second to hop on a show with Mayday Parade back in August 2009.  Chris and I (Jamie) had toured together in different bands in the past so when those projects went their separate ways forming a new project of our own felt really natural.  We’ve been writing together ever since.

You played the Ernie Ball on one date during Vans Warped Tour 2011. What was the experience like?

Warped Tour 2011 in Buffalo was amazing! We had such an awesome time and we had a really awesome turnout.  It was definitely a dream come true and we were also lucky enough to win again in 2012.  The experience is crazy you get to feel on the same level with so many artists that you grew up listening to or listen to right now for a day and it’s just a really awesome experience.  It’s better than any other feeling in the world.

You’ve listed Forever the Sickest Kids, All Time Low and Cartel as some of your influences. How do you draw inspiration from them?

We love all of those bands and hearing how they take their respected genres to the next level with every record they come out with is really inspiring.  Like they’ve accomplished we’re aspiring to create our own distinct sound so that when people hear it they immediately know or say “Hey this is Forget Me In Vegas”.

 Your “The Coulda-Shoulda EP” was released earlier this year. What was the writing and recording process like?

For “Coulda-Shoulda” we spent about 6 months coming up with different ideas.  I wanna say we had about 20+ pre-production ideas recorded out that we took down to Brooklyn to record with Christian Medice (Hollywood Ending, Call Me Anything, New County).  Once we got down there we sat down and listened to everything that we had come up with for the record and chose the five songs that stood out the most to all of us.  Christian really helped bring the songs to life as some of them were only half finished ideas when we started recording them.  It was a really awesome experience to work with him and we’re really happy with how the record came out!

In early September, you hit the road on tour with What Looks Like Crazy and Call To Attraction. What are the pros and cons of tour life?

First off, let me say that What Looks Like Crazy and Call To Attraction are both amazing bands full of amazing dudes! If you’re reading this and haven’t checked them out yet you should definitely go do that! Tour life is definitely really hard but worth every second of it when you’re an up and coming band like us.  It’s like the ultimate vacation with your best friends and everything good and bad that may happen brings you closer together.  Some cons of tour life would be sleeping in the van with a bunch of sweaty dudes and sometimes losing a lot of money.  When you’re a smaller band like us it’s always a gamble on the road and you could end up sinking all of your band’s savings into a tour to get back home at the end of it.  Getting to meet fans that have wanted to see you for a while for the first time and making new fans is definitely worth the risk though!

What is the biggest struggle as an upcoming band?

The biggest struggle as an up and coming band would have to be wanting to do so much with limited resources.  There’s a lot of really awesome things that we would love to do creatively that we just don’t have the means to make happen at this point in our lives.  I feel as though with the way the music industry is changing every day fans are looking for different ways to receive music.  Whether that be through visual things like lyric videos or short films or physical things like a vinyl record or just something that they can hold that’s different than a CD or a download card.  We’ve got a lot of cool ideas and you’ll definitely be seeing more and more of them as time goes on!

If each of you could possess a super power, which would it be and why?

Jamie | I’d want the power to teleport anywhere in the universe, it’d make seeing my family easier. I’m actually an alien.

Chris |  I have a super power I can be invisible when no one is looking

Garrett | Flying because I could get everywhere so fast and flying is dope

Joe | X-Ray Vision because it’d be fun to look at girls

Words by Chloe Hoy

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