REVIEW: One Direction – Take Me Home


This whole Brit-pop sensation, One Direction has released their second album entitled Take Me Home, a follow up to their first album, Up All Night. I need to say from the first time I listened to this I knew that this album is a keeper to my ears. And oh, I’m going to spill a little secret, I’ve been listening to boybands since I was a kid. Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, etc so of course you know I love One Direction. There I said it, ok let’s go back to the business.

The first song I listened to was “They Don’t Know About Us”. This is what a boyband all about. The catchy tune, the harmonizing, sweet piano intro, their incredible voices, the lovey lyrics, definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. The album opens with their first single “Live While We’re Young”  which sounds like “What Makes You Beatiful” but with more mature sound. My next favorite song  is of course, “Little Things” – thanks to the talented Ed Sheeran who helped them write this song, they have the ability to make girls’ hearts melt, now girls are falling in love like soooo in love with them. I think we need to give Ed Sheeran a HUGE round of web applause for writing this song, The lyrics are just incredible! If you’re a girl and you can’t relate to this song then, you’re crazy and boys, if you want a song to sing to a girl, it’s this one. On “C’mon C’mon” they give us the a song with the perfect dance beat. You can actually imagine them on stage performing this, it’s a perfect song if you’re just in a very energetic mood and just want to jump around like an idiot!

So overall, I would say the album is pretty close to perfect! They have a great mix of upbeat and romantic songs and the lyrics in some of the songs are just amazing! (By Seanzha Kemal)

Go Download: Live While We’re Young, Kiss You, Little Things, C’mon C’mon, Change My Mind
Score: 4.5/5

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