Live Photos: All Time Low

All Time Low put on quite a show at their sold out show in their hometown of Baltimore Maryland. This was their second to last show on their “Rock Show At The End Of The World” tour. The crowd was insane! While all of the others bands played they each asked who the crowd was excited to see, and the amount of cheering and screaming the fans gave when they mentioned All Time Low was insane. The band started off with “The Reckless and the Brave” from their newest album Don’t Panic then continued to songs from their previous albums.

It was a mixture of old and new songs! I’ve always wondered why All Time Low’s shows quickly become sold out. When I asked a few people before the show if they had seen All Time Low live before, most of their answers were all “Yes! They’re amazing live.” After seeing them perform tonight, I completely agree. The amount of energy, passion and fan interaction shown by the band was great. During the slower songs like “Remembering Sunday” and “Therapy” they had a sing along with the crowd; hands were slowly waving back and forth as the band played.

All Time Low knows how to entertain a crowd, they had them cracking up the whole time they were speaking to each other. At one point lead singer Alex made a remark about how the guitarist Jack needed a tampon. The crowd went into hysterics and that was when tampons flew in from all directions to the stage. I guess somewhere between 10-15 tampons were thrown onto the stage that night. They ended off their set with “Therapy” but that wasn’t enough for the crowd. Once they left the stage the fans immediately began chanting “All Time Low! All Time Low! All Time Low! Within a few minutes the band was back to play a few more songs. Overall it was a great hometown show that I had the pleasure of attending. The next time you are looking for a show to attend definitely attend an All Time Low show!

By: Gabby Mendoza

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