INTERVIEW: Crystalyne


Fresh from Ontario, Crystalyne recently performed at The Mod Club in Toronto and luckily, our photographer, Pauline Nguyen got to chat with the band before their performance. Read it below!

You guys just released a debut EP, “Navigate– what was the recording process like for that?
Marissa: It was good, it happened really fast. We were in the studio for the summertime, so it was like two months where we just wrote and recorded pretty much everything. Then we got an offer to do a full-month tour so it was like “Okay, we have these ideas for songs, we have some rough demos recorded for them, let’s go on tour with three of them and see how that goes.” and then we came back and perfected the record and worked on it. Now we put it out and we’re touring on it.

You played Warped this year for the Toronto date, how was it for you guys?
Josh: Amazing.
Marissa: Crazy.
Scott: It was a roller coaster though, I mean like between the weather and stuff – we had a huge scare that we weren’t going to play at all.
Marissa: I was so sad! I was like “So we have to go home now?”
Josh: Once it started pouring, no one knew what was going on. There were a bunch of people who were saying that it was cancelled and everybody’s going home. Like a lot of people just went because it was a tsunami but…

Would you guys want to do more dates of Warped or the entire tour?
Marissa: I would love that, it’d be like a dream come true.
Scott: Yeah.

What bands inspire your music?
Marissa: For me, I want to say… I’m really sad because one of my favorite bands just broke up – Underoath was my all-time-oh-my-God-so-good band. I’ve been to every one of their shows since grade nine and their lyrics really inspire me so write my own lyrics. They got me through a lot of really tough times in high school so they’re definitely on the top of my list for inspiration.
Josh: I’m going to say Taking Back Sunday probably, Blink-182 just because I grew up with them.
Justin: Brand New, Thrice, The Maine and Kid Cudi – he’s my boy.
Scott: Definitely Kid Cudi also. I love Circa Survive, Blink-182, Underoath, The Almost, Yellowcard…
Marissa: The list could go on and on.

If you could tour with any band, who would it be?
Scott: 1D!
Justin: 1D.
Scott: 1D! My answer is done.
Marissa: For me, I realistically don’t think it would ever happen in my lifetime, but it’d be really cool to tour with a band like Paramore because Hayley inspires me to be in a band and explore that world. I always used to listen to bands when I was younger but there weren’t a lot of female singers. It’d be really cool to tour with their band and see what the dynamic of their band is like how they write and what they do on the road – it’d be cool. That’s my pick!
Josh: I think that’d be a good pick too just because you could learn from a band like that because they go on the road forever and then eventually take a couple months off – well now it’s a year or whatever – but back in the day they used to tour nonstop, then write, write, write, and then tour nonstop again. I’d like to learn and just talk with them.

What are your favorite songs to perform live?
Marissa: “Wolves”.
Josh: “Wolves”.
Marissa: Just because that song for me was hard to write so every time I sing it, it’s like “Okay, cool”. Like, it’s out there, I don’t have to worry anymore. It’s hard to say stuff and that song says a lot about what my heart was feeling at that time, so it’s cool to be able to sing that and have people sing it back.
Josh: For me, I just really like the guitar parts in that song and it’s easy to rock out to. I don’t know, it just has that groovy feeling to it.
Justin: I like “Deceiver” and “Just Fine”. “Deceiver” is a hard song.
Scott: I’ve got to say “Weapon”. There’s room for a lot of different things I can try on drums and stuff. I don’t know, it works.

What are your plans for the future?
Marissa: Writing, writing, writing, writing, writing.
Josh: We’re going to try to do a full-length and hopefully have it out early 2013, but we’ll see how it goes.
Marissa: Yeah, it depends on the process and everything. Now we’re touring so we’ll be together more and be able to actually write more. We took some time off after Warped Tour and were like “Okay, chill break, we did tours and stuff. Let’s regroup.” and we’ve been working and saving money so we can do things. Hopefully this month we’ll get a lot of things dialed in.
Josh: A lot of writing.

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