Album Review: William Beckett – What Will Be EP

It’s obvious that since The Academy Is…, William Beckett’s musical abilities have matured both vocally and lyrically. His newest EP, What Will Be, is a fantastic installment to his latest solo work.

Starting us off is “Stuck in Love”. It holds a modern dance club vibe, but underneath is all is a hidden, strong guitar for the pop rock sound we know and love. Ryan Ross (formerly of Panic! At the Disco) lends his eccentric talents to the song as well. It’s an upbeat heartbreak song about a one-sided love affair; something I’m sure a lot of people can easily relate to.

Next is “Slip Away”, a song heavy with old-school pop energy. The lyrics paint an image of utopia, and it’s an all-around feel good tune about not letting go of the one you love most. Taking the third spot is “Dear Life”, easily the most fun track on the EP. Beckett’s use of wordplay throughout the song is reminiscent of Jason Mraz’s aptly named hit “Wordplay”, but while Mraz’s tune holds a different story, Beckett’s is simplistic yet strongly heartfelt.

Closing out the EP is “Our Story’s Already Been Told”. Through the initial listen, it’s hard to pick out anything to write about this song. It’s clear Beckett wanted listeners to pay more attention to the words than the music on this one, and with a second listen there is now something to say. The lyrics are totally relatable, with Beckett stating, “All night, lying in bed/I’m not asleep but I’m dreaming/Those days locked in my head/If I walk away/Then I’m leaving half alive”. The instruments are simple, and act as a breeze for the words to float on.

All in all, if you want more William Beckett in your life (with a dash of Ryan Ross), be sure to pick up this EP. What Will Be drops October 30th.

Rating: 3/5

Written by: Shelby Kreiger

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