Album Review: Basement – Colourmeinkindness

It’s sad to say that this is Basement’s last record before going their separate ways; 2012 could arguably be a sad year for many bands (See: Foo Fighters, Crucial Dudes, Underoath, and Algernon Cadwallader). But at the same time, 2012 can also be seen as a turning point for the emo/punk music scene; and “Colourmeinkindness” is a perfect example of that.

This album is to Basement as “Floral Green” is to Title Fight. A beautifully and incredibly well crafted blend of emo, punk, indie, and alternative rock. Album opener “Whole” kicks in with a steady, moderate drumbeat accompanied with fuzzy melodic guitars that seem to die down and jump right back in at all the right spots, in contrast with “Wish”, a pop-punk influenced album closer that includes anthem-like vocals and acts as the perfect theme to a coming-of-age movie. It’s also safe to say that “Colourmeinkindness” is completely filler-free, meaning that each song is a highlight on its own. Although Basement has only been in the music scene for three short years, “Colourmeinkindness” an album that proves the large impact they’ve made on the scene and for the years to come.

Written by: Cassie Chan

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