Staff Picks: Cara’s Fall Playlist

Fall is easily becoming my favorite season. I love the crisp cool air, the leaves changing colors, the pumpkins everywhere! I tend to like more calm music during this time, but I have a few up beat picks for you guys. Check out my top 10 fall songs this year! After the descriptions, don’t forget to click the link at the bottom to listen to all of the songs for free!

1. Michigan Left by Arkells– This song is the title of the album and by far one of the best ones. It has a great beat but it’s not overwhelming and I love it!

2. Wasteland by Augustana– Augustana is my go-to band for music to fall alseep too. This one starts off slow but gets richer with time. An all time favorite.

3. Right for Me by Brighter Brightest– Not only does this song have a great message, it always plays with words in a fun way!

4. The Forth Drink Instinct by Cute Is What We Aim For– What can I say, I’m a sucker for these guys. This one also has a great message/story accompanied by amazing vocals.

5. Pills and Coffee by The Donnis Trio– The sound of the ocean faintly in the beginning is beautiful, and the deep voice of the vocals are haunting.

6. Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons– If you haven’t jumped onto the Imagine Dragon train yet, get on. They are amazing.

7. Let’s Dance by Ivory– For some strange reason the lyric “Quick slip your coat on but don’t forget to be just as quick to slip it off” from the song just reminds me of fall. Maybe because it has to do with coats?

8. I Woke Up Near The Seas by Lydia– My favorite song by Lydia always seems to be changing. I’m currently stuck on this one, cannot get enough of it’s dream like feel.

9. Goodnight Rose by Ryan Adams– The guitar is one of my favorite parts of this song. It’s not really a slow song but it’s not a fast song either, take a listen and try to figure it out yourself.

10. Whiskey Dream Kathleen by The Spill Canvas– If you currently asked me who my favorite band was, I would most likely say The Spill Canvas. They are a classic band to know and love, all of their albums are fantastic. This song is off of their newest album, Gestalt, and it just has a magic touch to it. I love walking down the city streets in the fall with this playing in my ears.

Take a listen to the songs yourself right here! Write in the comments your favorite from the playlist!


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