Interview: Stop Dead

We got the chance to talk with Ryan Gose of This Century about his side project, Stop Dead, who apparently will release his first EP, Some Kind Of Dangerous, this October 16th!

1. A lot of This Century fans (if not all) were really surprised to discover that you could sing. When did you discover that you could sing?

I have been singing for years. I decided not to go Phil Collins with This Century but I enjoy singing the songs I write.

2. How did you start playing music?

I started playing guitar at 15 I think. Not exactly sure when. Shortly afterward I picked up my first drum set. I dabble a little in a few instruments but I’ve spent the most time behind a kit.

3. Who are some of your musical influences?

Tears for Fears, The Cars, The Killers. Pretty much just bands that start with “the”.

4. What inspires your lyrics? Your music?

My lyrics typically come from my situation, something I’m experiencing. For my music, I just write what I want to listen to.

5. What are some pros and cons of writing alone and writing with a group?

One thing I like about writing on my own is how much easier it is to stay on a specific vision. It’s not as convoluted. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to get stuck. No one to bail you out! Haha, I enjoy writing both ways – from all angles really.

6. What made you want to start up a side project? 

I have written a lot of songs that were outside of the This Century vibe so they just kind of sat around. I gradually came to the conclusion that I could just release them on my own on my free time.

7. How is Stop Dead music different from This Century music?

Stop Dead music is definitely less pop central. It might be hard to tell with Control, the first song release, but it is more on the rock/indie side.

8. When can we expect the EP to be released and how many songs will be on it?

I’m guessing the EP will be out within the month. Just trying to figure out the right timing. I got into recording, engineering & producing a bit over this last year so it was kind of a slow process at first. This EP will have 4 tracks. My self recording gears are finally greased up though so I should have a lot more ready to go very soon.

9. What is Control about? Why did you choose to release that song first?

Control was written about how I was feeling at the time. Just going out and getting into the some crazy nights. Standing on the brink and being okay with it. I feel that it is a good representation of the EP.

10. You HAVE to pick one: drumming or singing? Why?

I can’t pick between singing or drumming or guitar, or piano, etc. It just depends on how I feel at the moment. I drum the most so it’s the easiest to get bored with that instrument. That being said, if I got with out for a while I get the itch.

11. Do you think Stop Dead will have a negative affect on This Century in the future?

I definitely do not think that Stop Dead will have any negative affect on This Century. We have great momentum with This Century at the moment. A new record coming out soon! Stop Dead is just another creative outlet for me.

12. How do you feel about people who “listen” to music based on what they see rather than what they hear?

I would hope that someone is listening to something because they enjoy hearing it, haha. In the end I don’t have much of an opinion either way. If it makes them happy, regardless of the angle, then good for them

Interview by: Jessica Pascarella

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