Album Review: Go Radio – Close The Distance

Go Radio streamed their sophomore album, Close the Distance, on a week before the record was slated for release on September 18, and boy, have these boys grown. The members of Go Radio are back with eleven songs sure to surprise both new listeners as well as old followers of the band.

When I first glanced over the track listing, I wanted to laugh a little at the title of the second track, called “Baltimore,” just because it’s another city mentioned in another song from one of Jason Lancaster’s projects. But as soon as I hit play, it was like, damn. It’s another song of beating the odds in the name of love, starting out with this wonderful display of keys that transforms into this buildup into the chorus. By the time we reach the bridge, mildly reminiscent of bridges in the band’s previous work such as “Goodnight Moon,” the music slows down and Lancaster croons, bringing us closer for this story of love. I can’t help but feel like “Baltimore” is a nod to the musical stylings of Go Radio’s older songs such as “The Truth Is” but far more fresh and upbeat.

Which brings me to the next track, another more upbeat song called “Collide” that was released as the album’s first single. I’ll be honest with you: it isn’t single material.

What is single material, is the album’s second single, entitled “Go To Hell.” The song is well received and long-time fans and new listeners alike are giving positive feedback and praise to the band. The song contains the emotional lyrics Lancaster is famous for, also featuring a beautiful arrangement of keys, a nod to previous ballads performed by Go Radio. Towards the end of the bridge, all the instruments pause for dramatic effect, letting claps fill the gaps while Lancaster tells us to go to hell. This song is a comeback, an anthem for the independent, and a damn good one too.

One more thing Close the Distance has to offer: great music written by guitarist Alex Reed. I remember checking my Twitter timeline over the summer and reading Reed’s tweets about writing some great songs, and listening now, I know that Reed recognized that his work was wonderful. “I Won’t Lie,” the title track, “The Ending,” and “Hear Me Out” are all credited to Reed, and in truth, they are a few of my favorites off the new record.

The title track, wow. It’s an important song, and the band knows that.

It starts off semi-futuristic, and drums by Stephen Kopacz along with a strong bass line from Matt “Burns” Poulos add to and enforce the buildup of the keys in the beginning. Not to mention excellent guitar riffs from Reed. This song, this is single material. It could happen in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised.

The song is uplifting; an affirmation. It instills feelings of hope in the young listener, telling them to keep their chin up. If you’ve heard “Closer to the Edge” by 30 Seconds to Mars, by chance, you might know what feeling I’m talking about: that lighthearted, hopeful feeling.

I’m tearing up just thinking of how far these boys have come.

The album wraps up with another song written by Reed, entitled “Hear Me Out.” From the first second, this song induces goosebumps. What more can I say?

The boys in Go Radio have matured and grown, and they’re going to take the world by storm.

Stream or pick up your copy of Close the Distance now.

Rating: 8/10

Written by: Paula Mirando

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