Album Review: The Killers – Battle Born

When the first single Runaways was released, I was pretty excited. It stuck in my head. Now, after listening the whole album, my opinion of Runaways has somewhat changed, it is far most typical The Killers song and that makes it both understanding to be chosen for a single and disappointing on the other hand because it may give the impression there is nothing especially new on this album. but it’s The Killers, that’s what they do and the listener love that, They stick to what they do. Songs about America, cars, young love, heartbreak, and songs with powerful anthem style rock choruses

The album starts with a great opener, Flesh And Bone. This song definitely has room to grow live.  I didn’t like the lead single “Human” from their previous album “Day and Age”, and I still don’t like that song, but “Flesh and Bone” is “Human” with more guitar.

And in Heart Of A Girl they give us the old “Sam’s Town” feeling which is good, sweet, punchy, and good. I do think it’s better than their previous work “Day and Age”. I like this album.  Well um.. It took me a few listens, but I really like it. For me, this album ranks in the lower half of their discography, but it’s still a creative work of art!

Score 7.5/10

Listen to: Runaways, Flesh And Bone, Battle Born

Written by: Seanzha Kemal R.

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