INTERVIEW: We Are The In Crowd


Our interviewer, Eman El-Saied got to catch up with Jordan Eckes from We Are The In Crowd at this year’s Vans Warped Tour. Read her interview below:

Q: State Name & Position in Band
A: Jordan Eckes, I play guitar & Sing

Q: Hows warped tour been for you guys?
A: Its awesome, its our second year so we kinda know the ropes. We know a lot more people this time around. Its been fun!

Q: What friends have you made, with what bands?
A: A lot of the bands that play on our stage actually. Vanna, Lost for words, I fight Dragons, Bayside…there’s so many bands I could go on all day.

Q: If you could collaborate with any band who would it be with?
A: The Beatles!

Q: What about Warped tour?
A: Blood on the Dancefloor! Their great

Q: They aren’t even close to your sound!
A: It would work, I can see it going well

Q: So I know you guys have come from NYC, and got started small on Myspace & Purevolume. Hows that road been for you?
A: We are extremely lucky to have come out in the “Myspace era” , its definitley helped us out. Just social media in general. Everyday, networking and talking to our fans. You aren’t doing your job if you arent connecting with your fans.

Q: Whats something you want to say to your fans?
A: I love everyone one you and I want to kiss you on the lips and make sure you come say hello to us on Warped.

Q: Any future releases coming out for WATIC?
A: We are currently writing, mostly in September of this year. Then we’ll have a fall tour of next year. Maybe even sooner.


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