INTERVIEW: Before You Exit

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Check out Chloe Hoy’s interview with Before You Exit below!

You have two EPs out, can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind each one’s music?
C: Yeah, I would say Letting Go was our first starting. We have A Short Story Long. We did that when we were around thirteen, which was pretty funny to look back at now. We’re proud of it for what it was and I think there’s some awesome songs on there. Then we have our Letting Go EP which was the one that followed up with that, I like that one a lot too. There’s some really good songs on that one as well. And then our newest album, which is going to be our debut album, it’s called – actually, I’m not going to tell you anything. But there’s going to be some awesome songs on that one, we’re really excited for it.
B: Tease you.

Your new single was released just before this tour began – where can people hear the song?
B: You can hear it on YouTube; we have a lyric video on our channel. And you can buy it on iTunes, it’s also available there. Feel free to pick it up.

You also post covers on YouTube that have gotten extremely positive responses. How do you choose what songs to cover?
C: Well, thank you. I don’t know – it’s always different. We sometimes will just look at the top of the charts and see what songs we like personally, and you know, we’d be like it’d be cool to put our own spin on this. That’s the case for most of it. Our most recent one, our One Direction cover, was –
B: the best
C: by far the craziest. A ton of people were hitting up our Twitters and everything saying, ‘cover One Direction’, and we’re like ‘let’s give it a shot, let’s do it’. We did that cover, it turned out great. We thought, at least the response is awesome, so it’s really cool.

Your first national tour was opening for All Time Low in 2010 – do you feel like touring with a band such as All Time Low was a large step in the right direction for you guys?
C: It was definitely a huge first step, we love those guys. We can’t thank them enough for taking us out on tour. They got us a ton of fans and a lot of people that love our music. Of course, it was definitely a great step for us and I’m sure there’s many more steps to come. Right now, we’re on tour with Allstar Weekend and it’s going great, so – they definitely got us an awesome first start. Love those guys.

Are you hoping to tour with them again in the future?
C: That’d be awesome. We would definitely love to tour with them again. Really cool guys, like I said.

You headlined your own tour in October of 2011 – how was that experience?
C: That was really awesome, it was pretty fun.
B: It was interesting, because we’ve never done our own headliner so it was kind of a fun experience. It was just a little short tour so it wasn’t too big for us – but it was also big enough to show our fans that we’re still alive.
C: We just wanted to get out and do some shows, while we’re working on new music. We had a blast.

Is this your guys’ first time in Canada and the city of Vancouver?
B: Yes.
C: Sure is. Actually, this is our first out of country show, we’ve never played an out of country show before.
B: I’ve never even been out of the country.
C: There you go. It’s really awesome, we love it here and it’s so weird seeing all the different signs – different everything.

The band or song I’m obsessing with at the moment is…
C: Marianas Trench.
B: I agree.

They’re from Vancouver! You guys should’ve invited them to the show.
C: We love them; I wish they would show up. We would all fan girl and make them play the show instead of us.

What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
B: Suck it up.
C: Yeah, suck it up. That’s a tough one – I hate picking that one. But sometimes, it’s what you got to do. And you know, just make the best of everything.

If music wasn’t your guys’ career choice, what would each of you aspire to be instead?
B: A magician.
C: Magician (looks at Braiden), I was going to say that. I would do something with movies – I would want to be a director or an actor, something like that. I just love doing show stuff, I like being creative with everything.


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